My gift

    The best gift I gave over the holidays was a Guinea Pig. I gave it to my friend Sierra, and her brother, Gabriel. They were very happy and ecstatic. It made me feel happy, and it made me feel like I did something good.  Because, I haven’t really ever gave a gift to someone that good before.  That was the best gift I have ever given anyone.

5th Grade Reflections

My School Year was pretty good my teachers were nice,  I usually got good grades,and most of all I met some really nice friends.

Sure, there were some bumps along the road but those bumps in the road were meant to be there “everything is supposed to happen for a reason” is what my parents say and it’s true,everything does happen for a reason.The reason these bumps along the road are there, is to over come the problems you run into, and when you do , you feel good about your self and usually something good comes from over coming your problem(s).

So, I Would like you to push on, on what ever the problems you have.

Trust me good things will come of it.

So Long 5th Grade…

The Most Important Thing I learned in 5th grade is…

Science. In All the years of School this is the first year we have actually had a Science class,All the years before it was just:Reading,Social Studies,Language Arts,And Math.No Science.


My favorite project in the 5th grade is…

Our PBL Candy Store Project.I Really enjoyed that Project.


I was most surprised when…

I got Level:lll Advanced on my Reading STAAR.


The thing I disliked most is…

I didn’t get very good grades in Social Studies.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Follow this link/type it And type in Mother’s Day mine has hearts everywhere at the start and its publisher is named Angie lobue. Happy Mother’s Day Mom I hope you enjoy it.