My gift

    The best gift I gave over the holidays was a Guinea Pig. I gave it to my friend Sierra, and her brother, Gabriel. They were very happy and ecstatic. It made me feel happy, and it made me feel like I did something good.  Because, I haven’t really ever gave a gift to someone that good before.  That was the best gift I have ever given anyone.

5th Grade Reflections

My School Year was pretty good my teachers were nice,  I usually got good grades, and most of all I met some really nice friends.

Sure, there were some bumps along the road but those bumps in the road were meant to be there “everything is supposed to happen for a reason” is what my parents say and it’s true, everything does happen for a reason. The reason these bumps along the road are there, is to overcome the problems you run into, and when you do, you feel good about yourself and usually something good comes from overcoming your problem(s).

So, I Would like you to push on, on what ever the problems you have.

Trust me good things will come of it.

So Long 5th Grade…

The Most Important Thing I learned in 5th grade is…

Science. In All the years of School this is the first year we have actually had a Science class,All the years before it was just:Reading,Social Studies,Language Arts,And Math.No Science.


My favorite project in the 5th grade is…

Our PBL Candy Store Project.I Really enjoyed that Project.


I was most surprised when…

I got Level:lll Advanced on my Reading STAAR.


The thing I disliked most is…

I didn’t get very good grades in Social Studies.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Follow this link/type it And type in Mother’s Day mine has hearts everywhere at the start and its publisher is named Angie lobue. Happy Mother’s Day Mom I hope you enjoy it.

My Friends And How I Met Them (Piece Of My Heart Project)

                I have very cool friends, I can’t explain everything about them, but I can Explain How I met some of them. First Off, There is Emma.  I met her when I came to White Oak in the 4th grade.  She’s kind, smart, creative and friendly.  She can be a little dramatic though.  She’s in my class this year too.  Now on to Yazmin.  I met her this year in 5th grade.  We talked a couple of times in 4th grade, but that was it.  We know each other way better now that she is in my class in the 5th grade.  Yazmin is funny, dramatic and you can never forget she has a very contagious laugh!  Next is Gracelyn.  I met her from my other friend Katylnn at my apartment.  She’s is very creative, pretty and funny.  I still have more friends I wish to talk about but instead I will list them:  Makayla, Ethan G., Ethan S., Cade L., Austin. Louis, Katylnn P., my cousin Jorden and Giana.